Fly Out Lodging Considerations

Skydance can take you to many of the public use cabins and lodges in the SouthcentralAlaska area.  Most of the cabins have been remodeled and are in amazing places. Cabins or lodges on lakes are preferable to lodging in places where landing on the ocean is required.  If we are landing on the ocean, it needs to be in a protected area with a mild swell. The swell and tide adds an additional challenge compared to lakes, particularly if we need to stay with the plane overnight.  Lakes are also more consistently reliable to get in and out of, so your pilot will pick the best conditions and time of day to have the safest flight possible.  He may need to reduce the weight for lakes describedabove, and will discuss these requirements with you.    

Here in Alaska, we have lots of options for cabins in the wilderness.  It takes some work and advance planning to set them up, but I have never heard someone complain about the experience.  It is likely to offer the beauty and the serenity you seek.  In general, to book a public use cabin (“PUC”) on state land, you will need to plan and book six months ahead (seven months ahead if you are an Alaska resident) as many of the cabins are popular and book up quickly.   You can explore and book online at http://dnr.alaska.gov/parks/cabins/cabinmap.htm.  PUCs on federal land also require 6 month advance booking for the busier cabins.  You can find cabin information for locations on federal lands at https://www.recreation.gov.  There are acouple small organizations like the three Shoup Glacier Cabins for $70/ngt http://dnr.alaska.gov/parks/cabins/pws.htmBookingwith https://reserve5.resnexus.com/resnexus/reservations/lodging/A86A40CC-91C0-464C-A0EA-22B22EDE52D3  Theselinks below should make it easier to find that special piece of paradise. 

MYFAVORITE CABIN SITE- Federal 6 mo out you can book. https://www.recreation.govTypein the search bar Alaska Cabins, Change map to Satellite View and selectlayers. Then go explore. MY2ND FAVORITE RESOURCE FOR CABINS- Look at Cabin under 12, 13, 14,16. We can most likely take you to it. http://www.publiclakecabinsak.com 3RDFAVORITE: Open and go down to click on View on the maphttp://www.alaska.org/public-use-cabins

FISHING REGS FOR SOUTHCENTRAL ALASKAhttp://www.adfg.alaska.gov/index.cfm?adfg=fishregulations.sc_sportfish 
RENTINGA CARSaveby booking off airport and take a taxi, shuttle, Uber, LyftAlaskaVan and Car Rental- Stan 907) 272-5466 

The cabin I know we can go into:
Cabins $60-85/ngt
(Closest to Farthest determines cost) 

20 min -WILLOWAK-NANCY LAKE REC -  $380 / RT~Redshirt Lake Cabins x4~LynxLake Cabins x3~JamesLake 

30 min -ONTHE KENAI PENNISULA -away, $475 /RT~Dolly Varden Lake Cabin – Kenai FW Refuge- 20min- *TroutLake Cabin*Romig Cabin on Juneau Lake WestSwan Lake Cabin Following40 min out~*UpperRussian Lake Cabin- Note on Fishing. 2018 REGs Can fish in Lakes for allSalmon/not Kings and no fishing for in flowing watersCrescentlake Cabins 2- Saddle Cabin &  Chugach National ForestLowerand *Upper ParadiseTUSTUMENALAKE KENAI-NursesCabin~^CaribouIsland Cabin~^PipecreekCabin-^BigBay Cabin PRINCEWILLIAM SOUND AREA*ShrodeLake Cabin – Good Fishing opportunity in lake and ocean here.  Relatively close to Anchorage.  

1hr out- $900 /tripHarrisonLagoon Cabin*CoghillCabin*JohnstoneBay Cabin and Lodge- Land Lake Glacier. https://www.johnstonebay.com HOMERAREA -KACHEMAK BAY- HALIBUT COVE-ChinaPoot CabinHalibutLagoon Cabin x3 VALDEZAREAJackBay Cabin $60/ngt  *ShoupBay 3 $75 cabins- -MoraineCabinKittiwakeCabinhttps://reserve5.resnexus.com/resnexus/reservations/lodging/A86A40CC-91C0-464C-A0EA-22B22EDE52D3 http://dnr.alaska.gov/parks/cabins/pws.htm 

1.2hr out- $950 /trip- PrinceWilliam Sound- *Log Jam Cabin on Stump Lake- Montaque Island -CORDOVAAREAMcKinleyLake CabinMartinLake Cabin- on Latouche Island 

NOTES- Wind and waves can prevent landing and taking off*= Favorite Cabins= Fish PLEASE CONSIDER: Poor weather can interfere with flights.  The further out cabins are the greater chance of delay or cancellation. This in some cases is part of the adventure. When you actually get out and it all works perfectly you know how fortunate you are, because it could have easily been all cancelled due to1 in of rainfall for 3 days. Pilots need to consider getting out and back.Cabins out to the PWS and down the coast are subject to even more poor weather than on the west side of the Kenai Peninsula or inland sites. You will be responsible for flight times if you decide to have a pilot try and have to turn around. People have had to stay 3-4 extra days at times missing their airline flight back home and have had to in some cases incur the cost of alternate transportation after sometimes a long hike out with gear to meet a boat or vehicle for example. So please consider this when picking a cabin and always travel as light as possible but with enough food to stay extra days. Oh and a deck of cards.